Send us a photo of yourself or someone you want to infect and we'll turn you into a gut-chomping zombie! Then we'll slap yer ugly mug onto... a mug! Throw in a first name and we'll even customize the text on the reverse side. Don't forget to choose which Reverse side you'd like in the options found below.

Photo guidelines:
1. Make sure the photo is clear and as high resolution as you can send. A GOOD camera phone can usually be enough resolution.
2. The more violent the facial expression, the better the result
3. Send us the photo in JPG format to the email address below as an attachment
4. Send the photo to

Infect Yourself - Zombie

Inside Mug Colour
Choose a Reverse Design
    • Wash thoroughlly before drinking from
    • Microwave and dishwasher safe
    • 15 oz. ceramic two-tone mug

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